We offer a host of audio services, such as recording, mixing, mastering, pitch correction, and more!  Check out our pricing table below!

The All-In

Mix & Master PackageMost Popular

$ 249

Per Track
  • Our All-In, All-Inclusive Mixing & Mastering Package
  • Industry-derivative Mixing & Mastering Techniques
  • Equalization, Compression/Limiting, Pitch Correction, Quantization and more
  • Includes advanced effects (reverb, delay, flanger, reverse reverb, stutters/chops, automation etc.)
  • Sonically-balanced, mastered audio (WAV/PCM up to 24-bit depth, 96kHz sample rate; dependent on source format)
  • Exports (track-outs) available¹
Get 'All-In' with Your Record

Column title

$ 99

Per Month

The Basics

Record Mixing

$ 149

Per Track
  • Industry-derivative Mixing Techniques
  • Equalization, Compression, and more
  • Includes standard effects (reverb, delay, flanger, etc.)
  • Sonically-balanced, master-ready audio (up to 24-bit depth, 96kHz sample rate)
  • Exports (track-outs) available¹
Make Your Mix Hot

Record Mastering

$ 29

Per Track
  • Get the most out of your mix
  • Loud, but clean distribution-ready master track
  • Match the gain and sound character of multiple tracks
  • Exports up to 24-bit 96kHz WAV (PCM) audio²
Procure the Perfect Master

Vocal Tracking

$ 25

Per Hour
  • Professionally-recorded Vocals
  • Top-notch Equipment
  • Tracked at up to 24-bit depth, 96kHz sample rate
  • Unlimited tracking with punch-ins
  • Exports (track-outs) available¹
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The Touch-Ups

Artifact Removal

$ 25

Per Hour
  • Removal of unwanted clicks, hisses, breaths, and more
  • Clear up undesirable sounds in your stems³
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$ 25

Per Hour
  • Time-aligned vocals that hit the mark
  • Precise adjustments that correct off-beat delivery³
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Pitch Correction

$ 25

Per Hour
  • Hands-on, state-of-the-art vocal pitch correction
  • Detailed adjustment of sung vocal tracks for perfect on-key sound³
  • Miles ahead of auto-tune solutions
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¹ Exports (track-outs) of mixing available for an additional $25

² Metadata tagging of files (WAV, MP3, AAC) available for an additional $25

³ While we don’t take “No” for an answer, some vocal trackings might make touch-ups unrealistic or difficult to achieve.  We evaluate all tracks prior to corrective work to ensure feasibility of services available.